Air Duct Replacement

At Eco Air Duct Cleaning, we can perform an air duct replacement for you and make your property’s air healthy and fresh again.

There’re many reasons why you would need an air duct replacement:

  • Dust or Dirt coming from the vents
  • Bad odors
  • Uneven airflow
  • Health issues(allergies, asbestos, asthma)

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As time goes by, dust, mold and other allergens accumulate inside your system. When you run an AC system, the same air circulates around five times per day. When air ducts are not taken care properly, it not only generates some of the problems listed above but also, dirtier spaces and higher electricity bills.

You surely want to avoid this kind of problems. When cleaning ducts is not enough, you have to consider performing a full air duct replacement. You’ll notice the difference in the air you and your family’s breathing; and the money you invested will return in less expensive bills.

We’re located in Los Angeles, CA, and we offer a wide schedule to perform our services. You can call us at (323 )486–0523 or request a FREE estimate in our website.